Thursday, May 8, 2014

beginning ballet

Hola everybody! (meaning 1 person... who is my mum probably... *ahem*)
Today I thought we'd have a little chat about beginning ballet!

Ahhhh ballet... I love the stuff! I only started ballet 3 weeks ago and i am hooked. I'm hardly a ballet expert (I've skipped to grade 4 and don't know what a passe something or rather is!) but I'd love to just have a chat with anyone who's interested about it. Firstly, it's never too late. Maybe to become a professional it may be because it takes ages (apparently, like i said, i'm a newbie!) to get en pointe and build up the strength and endurance needed and a lot of ballerinas peak at youngish ages, but as a hobby ooooooh no.

I used to do ballet when I was TINY, and did it for quite a while until I grew bored of all the techniques I needed to use, and yes a small (well quite large) part of me completely regrets quitting it as I could be en pointe and ready to roll (or, do something more graceful and balletic) by the age of 15 but then again, knowing me, I probably would've got to the age of about 9 and thought "I don't need this anymore!" and hated it for the rest of my life. I'm just happy i've rekindled my love for it now.

There's this series called Dance Academy on Netflix (cue the sighs and "oh here she goes again"'s from my chums at school) and also it may seem... crap, for lack of a better word, at first dang flabbit it is addictive (did I really just say dang flabbit...) and I'm proud (with a smidgen of guilt) to announce that said Australian series about dance got me dancing again! I've always done dance. Ballet at a young age, jazz and street dance throughout my pre-teens, then more jazz and now ballet again! And I LOVE IT. It doesn't matter that my turnout is a tad weak and when I plie it looks like I'm squatting because it's addictive and now i'm older I have truly found that motivation within me!
I love doing pilates and thinking, "these core exercises will keep me up through arabesque's!" and I love practising arches and doing ankle stretches while I'm in an exam at school! Dance keeps me healthier, happier and, to be honest, more sane! Also, these base techniques I learn give me better posture and will give me skills I need when I go to drama school in the future (fingers crossed!).

I'm not going to be a professional ballerina nor do I want to be one, but I absolutely love holding onto that barre while I remember to fondue is to melt, melt, melt, that a frappe is not only a drink, and however old you are you can always start.

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