Monday, May 5, 2014

back to basics (+ a boden party)

Hello all!

So, i haven't blogged in a while... in a REALLY long time, actually.

Um, it's now 2014...

I have a youtube channel and have been a bit kind of instagram obsessed, so I felt like that was enough me on the internet; but recently I've been really missing blogging and have felt a bit uninspired with youtube - I'd rather watch videos about makeup and fashion and food than actually make them.
Now, I'm not giving up with my channel, but i'd rather focus on making better quality (she says, still not knowing how to use a good editing software ;) ) music-y videos or foodie videos rather than vlogs and stuff because school and other STUFF and with blogging it's a bit more "I can sit in my pajama's with no makeup on drinking tea (like i am this very second)" rather than having to prep everything.

ANYWAY, absolutely ages ago (this year felt like it wasn't whizzing by and i know it's only May but this party happened this year and it felt ages ago! Anyhow...) my mum hosted a Boden party and long story short, i took pics. Here they are.
(really quickly though, since then i have gained weight and got a pixie cut ;) )
officewear chic

laffs wiv my sister from another mister 
channeling the 1950's 
"the exits are here, here, here and here!"

shoe porn

horrible messy hair of mine but with pretty bunting :) 
trying on thousands of outfits is tiring.... sugary foods for fuel!

beautiful spring/summer colour blocking, boden style

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