Thursday, August 29, 2013

Life Lately #1

I've seen a few of these "life lately" posts and I think they're quite cute. You just put pictures you've taken recently around with a little caption, that's it! :D And it encourages me to take more pictures ;) made banana bread and the next afternoon it was so luuurvely and mois and yummy :)

perfect afertoon snack! i love baking my own stuff cause it's like my healthier version of a big piece of fatty cake and a milkshake :)

sorry for the horrible flash photo but i LOVE this nail colour - Star Shower by No7 so nautumny and christmassy

look at my little girlie!

look at my little boyie

hot apple muffins with cooollld icecream - more healthy unhealthy stuff!

doggy walks <3 :) :D 

That's it for now! Please do comment telling me your thoughts on these posts, any posts I do actually! Heheh thanks!

Much laav,

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