Tuesday, August 20, 2013

My name is Eshy B and I actually like fashion.

Um, well... the whole "new years resolution of making one blog and sticking to it" has worked, ey...

But here we go anyway.

To be honest, i hope this blog goes in a more style-y blog way... Hopefully! No idea what the title should be yet, i mean Eshy B is my "name" (my actual name is Erin, but if you call me Erin I will probably shout at you...) Esh is my nickname and my youtube is eshbeanie... so it's, um, Eshy B? Yeah.
i'm sorry if my annoying habit of forgetting my capitals at the beginning of sentences is going to annoy you, but I shall improve!

About the whole "fashion" thing;

Just today... like, 10 minutes ago (yeah it took me 10 minutes to work out what pajamas to wear, and yes it is only 5:16pm on a Tuesday in the Summer, I am so exciting and daring aren't I) my mum suggested I make a fashion blog. I was talking about bad old Primarche as I put my new spotty bow (with a crochet lining) headband on (it was only about £2!) and she said to me, "You should make a fashion blog, you're good at spotting little gems in shops!" and it sort of sparked an idea.
I don't think i've ever been the "fashionista" of my friends, you know, you always get little roles even if you don't mean to in friendships... hmmm I'm not sure what I am... The acting one? Gosh i don't know, but i've never been the one with really good "style" or whatever.

This sounds really braggy and boasty and obnoxious and I don't mean it in that way but with fashion I've always loved it, but haven't followed it in the way that I would never look up catwalk thingys on youtube, and I never used to want to know what the trends were, but i suppose growing up and "becoming me" or whatever we're supposed to do, i've become interested in the way that I actually think of it as a passion ooh a PASSION FOR FASHION... no... I did not just say that...

But yeah, my "style" is sort of what I like, i went through phases of gothic fashion, vintage fashion, super casual and super dressy and now I suppose it might be a mix of trends, vintage, casual, dressy or whatever! But recently I have started watching loads of fashion videos, reading fashion blogs and actually being interested in the style sections of magazines... though now it's summer i'm not a fan of summer trends :( AUTUMN COME QUICKER PLEASE!

So here we go! Just another style-y blog i suppose but i do hope, whoever you are (you look lovely today by the way, not just flattery ;)) will hopefully follow me along, hauls and OOTD's and uhhh, makeup-y things, and tips and whatever else is in my mind at the time :)


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