Friday, August 23, 2013

My tips for finding little gems on a budget (and a mini primark rant)

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So recently I have uhhh spent all my money! What a suprise! And also recently I have been thinking a lot about what I buy and shizzazzle.
New Look are pretty much the best of a "bad bunch", shall we just say, in terms of slave labour. They had a whole program and actual human rights websites have listed high street shops and New Look was very near the top. Fortunately, I love their clothes! You can find really cheap gems and you can get beautiful more expensive pieces. If i feel like i need (ha, need - i really mean want ;) ) more clothes, New Look is my safe bet i mean come on, their name is NEW LOOK.
Primark, on the other hand, does have it's bad stuff about. It's like a pretty girl who secretly sells illegal chocolate in dark alleyways (the nicest way i could put it).
We all know about the Bangledesh incident, don't we? But it wasn't just Primark, it was also Matalan's factory (or so i've heard).
My mum's always said to me (about primark) if stuff is that cheap, you've gotta wonder how they make it that cheap. Simple answer? They don't pay the workers much. Buuuut as you may have noticed, Primark prices are going up and quality is generally getting better. Wow! I was supposed to be doing a post on how to buy good quality items without hurting your bank but i've turned it into a little Primark rant thingy! Right, ON WITH THE POST!

What I'm basically trying to say is in shops, you've gotta hunt around. Which is sort of tip number one...

Hunt around shops. If you're on a shopping trip with whoever and you haven't got that much, or you have loads of things you want to buy (also online browsing and really planning how to spend works, but ain't nobody got time for that... actually i do but browsing is fun:) ) feel free to go around each shop twice or more if you need to!
 If you need/want a basic black vest, i personally wouldn't go to topshop. Just because their stuff is expensive, it doesn't mean it's made better than one in New Look, h&m or Primarche (or other high street shops) - saying that, if there is that lovely cable knit cream coloured oversized jumper in New Look which is £30 and you really love it and can't find a cheaper version, go for it! (though the men's section is great for naturally oversized stuff)

CHARITY SHOPS. We've all heard it before, i mean to be honest, you probably already know all these tips but hey sometimes you just need a little push! Anyway, charity shops are fab. I've been a snob about them before, yes it is hard going into a shop full of second hand clothing if it doesn't have the right "vibe" (please don't hate me for using that word!).
For example (if you can be bothered reading my rambling writing), today my mum and i went into this little Age UK (what i bought will be down below) - it was organised in size and style, it was clean, it smelt nice and there was nice music playing - not saying this is why i bought these things but atmospehere does help. Anyway, i think people really just need the time if they're short on cash because no, a magic charity shop where everything is cheap and lovely does not exist (at least, i don't think it does??????) so just hunt around! I found a topshop shirt for £4.
it looks so vintagey as well! and i know, i have such a lovely face ;)
 Also in charity shops (i feel like i should do a whole post one each topic...) if you love the look of something and it's a size too big, don't be afraid to adapt it. As I'm showing in the picture (just below), the dress is one size too big but i'm just gonna shorten the straps and it'll be good to go! Also once again oversized jumpers are cute so just look at stuff which isn't your size :) make the charity shop fit around you.
the detail is amazing! this dress is perfect for parties :)

markeeetttsss! Once my friend saw a dress she liked in a market for £5 - the market was a little tacky and everyone was aggressive (that's just me being a stupid wimp though) it's a good deal but unfortunately once she'd got home and tried it on, she found out that it had a massive rip down the side. Yeah, sew it up is the simple answer but once again you've got to look.
I saw this dress yesterday when mum and i were going past a market and look how pretty it is! I didn't buy it because i thought i wouldn't have much wear out of it this autumn/winter (yay! :D) but still what a great price!

Again, exactly the same. Search and you will most likely find something beautiful - also, it's like a big thrift shop but you can search! Personally i love the thrill of finding something in person but if i really want to find an oversized fairisle jumper i could just search and you can normally find at least 5 or 10 :)

All these tips are basically saying hunt around. You can find cheap stuff in big shops and little gems in charity shops and markets.

Hope you enjoyed reading (sorry it was so long!)


Also, i'll stop putting green-y yellow-y effects on my pictures when i get back to my old camera... maybe ;)

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