Monday, January 5, 2015

Vegan and Savvy; Makeup Edition!

Hello! How is your 2015 so far? For me, this year is bring excitement. My stomach goes all warm and jittery at the thought of being done with negativity. I know we can change when we choose, but at the beginning of a new calendar things seem more possible and positive - so embrace that feeling.
Anywho, we had enough cheese in the last post; today I'm going to be talking about what it's like to be a teenage vegan hippie who enjoys beauty products.


*warning* this post may seem a bit preachy and a bit basic vegan trying to convert everyone but I'm not, i'm just sharing my "story" and hopefully giving some tips to all those who are interested.

Let's rewind. 9 years old, standing in Superdrug with mum. My love of Audrey Hepburn started at a very young age and for some reason I thought it would be a really good idea to spend some of my crafting money on eyeliner to do some flicks. I picked some up not knowing anything about animal testing and mum asked me if I really wanted to buy from that brand. She chose a "safe" one and told me all about it. I was shocked and ever since I haven't bought from brands that animal test. Fast forward a bit (I'm so sorry I really am awfully ramble-y), and I'm standing in a snazzy makeup shop somewhere on holiday. I picked up a really pretty eyeshadow and asked the shop lady if it was tested on animals. She went on and on about how no brands are, or ever have been, tested on animals and that it's all just CODSWOLLOP (maybe she didn't say that, but it's kinda fun re-enacting my childhood as a Dickens novel). Suspicious, I turned and didn't buy anything. After much research I found out SHE was talking utter codswollop and there are brands, lots of brands still testing!
Like I said, I don't mean to sound preachy and I'm sorry if that offends you but I really do think that if you are interested in ethical beauty and animal care and so on it's worth decreasing your purchases on brands who test.


If someone pictures "green" or "Vegan" beauty products, they probably think of coconut oil or Dr Hauschka (i don't blame them, I love those two things a LOOOOT!). But we don't have to use oils (though they are a good idea) and buy from pricey brands! If you are a) 15 or younger and not legally old enough for a job (though I do sell cakes at events), b) have a part time job that doesn't quite give you loads of dollah biiills, or c) have an obsession with Lush and Topshop and sportswear (welcome to the family) you don't have to spend all your money on that mascara you crave.
I'm here to tell you that it is possible to walk into a mainstream "drugstore" and buy ethical makeup!

  • Soap and Glory
I love Soap and Glory. The kitsch packaging, the highly pigmented products - ah! This isn't completely perfect as it's still on the priciER side, and also some products contain parabens (not to mention those pesty other products I can never remember the name of! Read till the end to see my opinion on chemicals in products...) but, i just love this brand. They're very clear on their website what's what, and the quality is great. As you'll see in the picture below though, they can't confirm the ingredient it's derived from. This makes me want to buy less from them and a new resolution of mine is to make sure everything I buy cosmetic wise is all natural and good. Again, read below on my two cents of the matter right now, but just keep the fact they don't 100% know in mind.

  • The Body Shop
HOORAY, HURRAH - IT'S THE BODY SHOP! (that should be there new ad jingle).
The Body Shop is one of those shops we all know are trying to be as veggie and kind as possible, and although their makeup range isn't as diverse and other brands, I still think it's a staple. I like the work they do, the ingredients they choose (though, again, watch out for those pescy parabens!), and the fact they state clearly that they choose not to test on animals. What's annoying though? They were bought out by the big fat old meanie, Loreal Paris (uh, who said they were gonna stop testing on animals yonks ago! Yeaahhhh that hasn't happened). But, The Body Shop still assure us it's all good in the cosmetic hood.

  • No7, Boots' brand AND Any of Superdrugs' brands
No7 isn't, again, the cheapest but Boots and Superdrug assure us that their brands are free of animal testing. I've got a few No7 products because they always give me those darn £5 vouchers, and they are good quality though annoylingly they're not very clear on the whole ingredients list which p's me off a little.

The Golden Duo (in my eyes)

Liz Earle and Origins!
Liz Earle especially though. Liz Earle's makeup brand is free of nasty chemicals and also very clear on her love for animals BONUSSSS. These two brands are preeeetty pricy but this is why I'm justifying them:
This is new this year, but I'm really gonna try and be more natural. Not only in the fact I won't buy nasty chemicals, but also just looks wise. I've been going with less and less makeup compared to the plastered on and spotty Esh of August/September/October of '14. My skin clogged up, I LOVED the feeling of taking off my makeup and i was constantly self conscious of concealer rubbing off and being left with one very white patch left on my face.
Not good things to be thinking.
This year I'm going to treat my hair well, not depriving it of conditioner (I used to believe conditioner would make my hair greasy. This can be true if used in large quantities I suppose but coin sized piece for my short hair works really nicely), try not to straighten it on a daily basis and wear minimal face makeup only on crucial points of my face (eg. awful dark circles due to obsessive insta-stalking, and that big red lump that pops up inbetween my eyebrows monthly). Eyebrows are a must for my albino coloured odd skinny things hanging above my eyes, and I love wearing a little bit of eyeshadow smoked or eyeliner and mascara on my eyes because I have pretty titchy eyes, but I'm really going to try and go for QUALITY, not quantity.
My best friends bought me a gorgeous Urban Decay (also safe!) palette for christmas, and when I get a job I'll try and purchase only those crucial products. Lush are my faaaave for... everything, basically, so I always buy skincare and haircare from there but on my list to buy I've got Liz Earle's eyebrow define-y thing/an Origins eyeshadow in a shade that matches by hair colour for the brows, a Liz Earle mascara and possibly an eyeliner if I can afford it eventually.
I suggest thinking about how much you wear comfortably, makeup wise. If you are a girl or guy who feels more confident and comfortable in full face makeup, please go for it. The key is whatever makes YOU the happiest. But if you're also concerned about prices, try and shop savvily; sales, vouchers, student discounts.

Right then. That was long and rambly and probably very boring so I do apologise but before you go please comment your favourite vegan/vegetarian brand! I would love to know.


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