Saturday, February 7, 2015

Almond Butter and Bird Food.

Hello everyone! How was your January? I thought I'd compile just a small selection (a huge plethora actually...) of pictures to sum up life recently... it's mostly food. Yep.

My instagram is constantly updated with food pics and selfies and so on, so if you, like myself, are a bit of a nosy parker check out that @eshbean, but I thought I would only include the pictures taken on my camera as it's nicer quality :) I also think maybe like one or two of these piccy's were taken yonks ago in January, but most in the last week or two.

 Favourite big snack at the moment, as I'm trying to get some #girlgains - these wimpy biceps won't grow without some fuel! Two slices of Biona buckwheat bread (UPDATE: Just tried the sunflower and rice gluten free bread toasted and it's SO MUCH NICER! So tastyyyy *munch munch*) with almond butter - my crack - and somer raw honey. 

This was my lunch which I gobbled up about half an hour ago! Best post run lunch! Roasted paprika sweet potato cubes (oh my gosh, I found sweet potato in this gorgeous hippie shop in the town near me which comes from SPAIN and not the USA! YESSSS FOR LITTLE FOOD MILES!), garlic sauteed spinach, red quinoa with brown rice, chilli humous and avocado! So, so, SO darn good.

 Close-up, because it was so delicious.

I made these energy bites from Deliciously Ella, my new favourite person. They are gorgeous and encrusted with all my favourite bird foods. I feel like I have become a squirrel, bird, girl hybrid since becoming vegan and I am ecstatic about that.

Another day, another tasty pre workout snack. Two brown rice cakes with almond butter and honey and energy bites. Can you tell what my favourite foods have been?

THROWBACK... SATURDAY! Early January, before Ella released her book I made this turmeric carrot soup from her app and it was gorgeous with mum's homemade bread and some potato wedges with dips for a pick 'n' mix din dins.

FLASHBACK AGAIN! My tummy has been really weird for the whole month of January. I was extremely ill one day and after that I just noticed how my stomach felt and I've realised I really was feeling puffy and bloating and I think it was after consuming too much gluten and/or yeast, so since I've bought Deliciously Ella's book I've eaten hardly any of those wheat-y yeast-y foods and I feel so much better! Mum and I kind of think I may have IBS, and stress bloats my stomach so it could be I've been feeling less stressed now i'm done with mock exams or... i don't know! But anyway, a gorgeous breakfast for a happy tummy is brown rice pops with homemade granola and oat milk... so good! And a lovely change from almond buttery porridge... although I think I will never get tired from that ;)

 Lovely quick snack - a huge organic apple with cinnamon sprinkled... just needs some almond butter.

Frothy coffee = happy Eshy!

 A Deliciously Ella recipe AGAIN! Warming winter stew with some rye bread (this was pre- me avoiding too much gluten in products) and humous.

Buckwheat and potato homemade gnocchi with vegan pesto and rosemary mushrooms! SUU GUUUUUD!

 Off to the gym to pUMP UP THE JAM!


Hope you've had a lovely day!


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